Specialist FAQ

ConnectMD is for routine, lower-acuity calls that do not need to be responded to on the spot. You have up to two business days to call us back and be connected with the family physician.

The biggest difference between ConnectMD and Advice Request is that ConnectMD is exclusively over the phone whereas Advice Request is strictly through eReferral (online).  ConnectMD allows for a real-time conversation that takes, on average, five minutes or less.

If you already have something in place, we can easily coordinate our service with yours so that family doctors only have to worry about contacting one source for all specialty groups.

No. Calls are to be for general advice only. If the patient needs to be referred, the family physician is to follow their normal referral process.

Yes. This program features a one-page, transcribed summary faxed back to your office within five business days for record-keeping and fee-for-service billing purposes. There is no need for you to take notes during the call unless you want to.

For calls that occur between 0900-1700 – 03.01LJ

For calls that occur between 1700-1800 – 03.01LK

The transcribed summary will have this information included for your convenience.

This depends on how many specialists within your specialty are already participating in the program and how many calls you want to take.  We are willing to work with each specialist to find an arrangement that fits their schedule.

It is very satisfying for me to provide reassurance and share my knowledge with my primary care colleagues through ConnectMD

—Dr. Vasile Captan, Internal Medicine, Edmonton zone