Improve referral & consultation letters with the QuRE Checklist

Quality Referral Evolution (QuRE) (pronounced like ‘cure’) is a joint initiative between primary care doctors, specialists and patient advisors at AHS, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, Primary Care Networks and the community to improve the quality of communications between patients and healthcare providers.

Currently, there is no formal education in Canada for doctors, specialists and residents on how to write quality referral and consultation letters, so through the QuRE Checklist, we hope to enhance this important process.

Included on this handy two-sided Checklist are questions providers can ask themselves when writing their referral and consultation notes. This can increase communication which can help prevent duplication of services, patient frustration and enhance access to care for Albertans.

For more information about QuRE, go online to If you would like a printed copy of the QuRE Checklist, email