How it Works

How it Works

If you are a family physician wanting to make a request, you simply need to call us at 1-844-633-2263. Upon calling, you will speak with a trained coordinator who will ask:

  • Your name, PRAC ID and clinic information
  • Details about the patient (Name, PHN, DOB)
  • Which specialty is needed
  • What the call is going to be about

Once we have collected this information, we will hang up with you and contact the specialist next on rotation. When we have the specialist on the line, the two of you are conferenced together. It is imperative that you remain as available as possible so that your connection with the specialist is seamless and efficient.

What is the Benefit?

ConnectMD survey results have shown that:

  • 43% of the calls resulted in referrals to specialists being avoided
  • 96% of family physicians agree that the call gave them advice they can apply to other patients in their practice with similar health conditions
  • 30% of unnecessary and/or incorrect imaging was prevented from being ordered

What to Expect?

All ConnectMD specialists have two business days to return the request; however, many calls are returned within a few hours. Because of this, it is very important that you provide us with the best phone number to reach you during this time.

Once the call is finished, a short survey will be sent via text link and/or fax asking about your experience. Within approximately five business days, a transcribed summary of the call will be sent to both you and the specialist via fax.