COVID-19 Pulse Oximeter Program

Family physicians in the Edmonton Zone have identified the need to monitor COVID-19 positive patients who are managing their symptoms at home. One way to help with at-home management is that PCN physicians in the Edmonton Zone will be able to access at-home pulse oximeters. Access to a pulse oximeter can help the patient monitor their oxygen levels to alert them and the family physician if they are quickly deteriorating and must go to the hospital.

Patients referred to the program will be couriered an oximeter along with a journal to track blood oxygen levels. Instructions for returning oximeters and journal via courier will be provided as well. All courier costs are covered by the program.

Primary Care Provider Role
In combination with the pulse oximeter that the patient will receive, the Primary Care Provider can provide remote monitoring for symptomatic patients with Covid-19 and risk factors for progressions to severe disease. Phone or video contact should be made regularly by the primary provider or a member of the medical home.

  • Assess baseline risk of severe outcome from Covid-19 (inclusion criteria on flow chart)
  • Evaluate any other symptoms
  • Evaluate comorbidities
  • Evaluation social situation
  • Discuss baseline and exertional oximetry
  • Train the patient and/or caregiver to use the pulse oximeter and diary
  • Agree and arrange follow-up according to care plan
  • Ensure patient understands zones in action plan and need to access alternate levels of care.

To refer to this program, please use the COVID-19 Pulse Oximeter Referral Form and fax it to 780.479.7184.